Saturday 30 March 2013

A Typical Saturday!

Saturdays are always a very busy day in our house but today was a little bit quieter than normal.

Ruby usually attends ballet classes at a village down the road from us; she absolutely loves it and has made so many friends. Ruby is currently practicing for her very first show! To Ruby's disappointment, ballet was not on this week due to Easter holidays.

Hubbie went out early with my step dad to get some bits for our garden, so it was just the girls and I; we didn't have much time so we just played with the duplo and dollies.

We are very fortunate there is a grammar school close to where we live that has a swimming pool; both of the girls attend lessons there on Saturday afternoons. Ruby is very confident in the water but has a long way to go; I regret waiting until she was 3 years old to start her on swimming lessons. I think this is the reason that we started Lottie on swimming lessons at just 8 weeks old is so she can get the hang of it a lot quicker. Lottie loves the water and is not fazed in the slightest about water being poured on her head or being splashed.

Taken before Lottie's very 1st swimming lesson!

We didn't plan any activities today but enjoyed playing in the playroom and watching Tangled whilst hubbie and my step dad did lots of work in the garden to make sure its ready to be enjoyed and played in come summer time.

I am thinking of writing about different subjects on Saturdays and wondered what everyone thought I should blog about? I am already thinking about Hyperemesis, Reflux, Breastfeeding and Baby wearing but what else?