Wednesday 27 March 2013

An evening without the girls!

Not as fun as the title sounds but after a action packed day yesterday, I had an evening appointment at the hospital for an MRI scan. I have been having pains in my knee for a number of years and recently it has started to become more and more painful; I have to take strong painkillers most days and the pain often keeps me awake at night.

I was slightly apprehensive about the scan as I have never had an MRI before; I was scared that I might feel claustrophobic and be unable to complete the scan. My main concern however, was leaving the girls! I have never left the girls for any great length of time; sometimes hubbie will take them food shopping or my mum may have them for 30 minutes whilst I have doctors appointments, but every night I have put them to bed; last night was the first night that I was not able to do that.

We are very blessed that Lottie's godmother agreed to babysit the girls; she is someone I trust 100%; she is the lady who helped to bring both girls into the world so I knew deep down they would be well looked after.

As soon as we left the house it felt very very odd not having the girls with me, I felt lost and like part of me was missing; I really did not like it. When we arrived at the hospital I filled out all the necessary safety paperwork for the scan; fortunately I had done my research and wasn't wearing any metal so I was able to keep my own clothes on. Hubbie was allowed to stay with me during the scan which was of great comfort and he kept me distracted as the machine was very noisy. I could feel the magnets pulling on my knee and I had to have it positioned in a brace during the scan so that it was kept in one place. I did find it uncomfortable but overall the scan was not as bad as I thought it would be. 

We were back home within a couple of hours and both girls were fast asleep. As soon as Lottie's godmother had left hubbie and I ran upstairs and gave our girls lots of sleepy cuddles and kisses. It may have only been a couple of hours but I felt so lost without the girls! I love my girls so much.


  1. lorna jayne upton5 April 2013 at 21:52

    did you hear back about results from your scan yet? i had the same for years, pain in my knees and especially bad at night if id been on my feet all day it stopped me from sleeping.i understand your pain!its not nice x

    1. I haven't had an appointment through to discuss the results yet, but from what the radiographer said it looks like my knee cap is too high. I have been having pain for years and had surgery a few years back as my knee cap was not tracking correctly, the consultant has already said it will involve surgery and it won't be key hole this time, but at least no more pain!

  2. lorna jayne upton6 April 2013 at 20:22

    yes i had exactly the same thing! at 16 i had keyhole surgery to repair a torn cartilidge which wasnt very succesful and i continued to have pain in my knee but about 10 years later it got worse so i was referred back for an MRI scan and x-ray which confirmed a torn cartilidge, torn cruciate ligament and my knee cap wasnt tracking correctly, i had intense physio first to try and help but then had surgery which this time involved 3 keyhole incision and a much larger incision down one side of my knee.It all came down to the fact that my ankles rolled in as i walked which caused over years to put strain on my ligaments in my knee which was causing them to tear and also why my kneecap wasnt in the right place, i was referred to a podiatrist and now wear special made insoles in my shoes to correct the way i walk and hopefully stop the problems in my knee from happening again.hope everything goes well with your surgery, mine all went absolutely fine, it was a long recovery and lots of difficult physio after to get it all working again but it all paid off,i was getting about on my crutches fine after a few days of surgery! x

    1. I have tried that much physio that my consultant just said there is no point in having any more. I really am just hoping that my hip is ok but since having children I have started to get pain it too. I am not looking forward to surgery and I have decided I want it all done even though its open surgery whilst I am awake! The recovery will be tough with two little ones but it has to be better than taking painkillers all the time. xx