Wednesday 6 May 2015

Review: Lego Elves (from George)

We were recently approached by ASDA to review the range of toys that they offer on their George website, and I knew instantly my girls were going to love this.

George stocks a wide array of toys, everything from babies to teens, and as a parent it's easy to find something to suit your budget. I was impressed that the website is set up in particular themes of toys such as role play, construction or creative; it was a really good online shopping experience. Before having children I never really considered the impact that toys have on a child's development, helping them to learn and understand new things and enrich their learning and education.

When we were in London a few weeks ago we visited a world famous toy shop and noticed that they stocked a brand new Lego range based around elves. The official Lego website describes the range as follows:
"LEGO® Elves is a magical universe full of adventure. Children must help the Elves find 4 magic keys to get teenager Emily Jones back home. With sets including a sailing ship, magical bakery and treetop hideaway, this fantasy world means they can also create their own exciting quests with the Elves."
Ruby was really interested in the range and had even written it down for her birthday list. I was very pleased to see that George also stocked this range on their website, so I decided it would be a good opportunity to get some bits from the range to review, as I knew it would be a massive hit with Ruby. 

The Lego elves range currently consists of six sets, ranging in price from £9.99 to £39.99 (RRP). Lego has always been a massive hit in our house as it has so much to offer. It's not just a case of setting up the pack you purchase, you can link it in with other sets or even build something completely different. The Lego elves is suitable for ages seven to twelve, so it's a little big advanced for Ruby at the moment; with this in my mind my hubbie and I took it upon ourselfs to make the sets after the girls had gone to bed. Let's just say it took a good few hours and plenty of coffee to complete the three sets we had for this review. 

We ordered the 'Naidia's Spa Secret' set, the 'Azari and the Magical Bakery' set, and the largest set in the range, the 'Elves Treetop Hideaway' set:

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When Ruby woke up the following morning she was so excited to see the sets, so was Lottie, much to Ruby's annoyance! I think it's easy to say these Lego sets have been a hit as she really didn't want to go to school and couldn't wait to get home to continue to play with them. She has spent hours playing with them since!

Ruby + Lottie Rating: 10/10

Disclaimer: we were sent these toys to review for free, however all thoughts and opinions are our own.