Friday 29 May 2015

Camping Adventure

Apologies for the lack of blog posts in the last week, life has not been as hectic and manic as you might expect, instead we have been relaxing and socialising with friends.

Over the course of the last year or so I have made friends with a few of the school mums whose children are in the same year at Ruby’s school. We are very fortunate that our children play together and get on as well as the parents do.

One of the parents has a caravan and we have a tent, so it was suggested we consider going camping for a few days. As a family we love camping it gives us the ability to be able to go away on a holiday without it costing a small fortune, its the only way in which we are able to holiday now due to the cost. Last year we purchased our 1st proper tent.

Last Friday we loaded up our car with all our camping gear - it really is amazing how much we take when we go camping, I have tried to reduce it but it never really has much of an affect and the girls still end up being squashed! I think we will be investing in a trailer soon.

On arrival at our campsite we pitched our tent while our girls enjoyed a game of football and then we waited for the other families to arrive, in total there were 4 families with 11 children between us! If I am honest I was a little worried how everyone would get on with one another, but I did not need to worry as everyone got on so well.

The site we stayed at is called Thornton Holt, first impressions were how clean and tidy the site was. The site is situated close to Sherwood Forest where we spent a day, I am sure I will blog about our forest adventure shortly. The site has both electric and non electric pitches, dependant on if you require electric or not, we did need the electric as when I camp I tend to glamp! As you can see from the video of our tent!

The site has its own heated indoor pool which can be used for £2 per person or you can hire the pool in the evening for £30 which is what we did.

Other than visiting the forest we stayed on site and the children played to their hearts content whilst as adults we sat and socialised. One day one of the parents organised a sports day and the children had a great time, there was even some adult races which provided some very amusing entertainment.

We had an amazing time camping with friends and I am disappointed to be back at home, I think its safe to say we are all hoping to go back again soon!


  1. We re hoping to go camping with friends later in the summer - glad to hear it worked out well. Sounds a nice campsite -definitely a bonus having a pool! #countrykids

  2. It's great that there's a group of you with kids around the same age that can all do this together, and that everyone got along whilst there. I bet the kids were pleased when you booked the pool for the evening. I love the idea of making a sports day for the kids that were there, I bet that really made the kids holiday. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  3. Aaah we had our first camping adventure of the year last weekend! :) We cheat slightly as we have a little caravan called Dolly ;) Not sure how we'd cope without her, to be honest!! As you say, you end up taking SO much stuff!! And with two year old twins in tow, we have a LOT of stuff!!! :) #Country Kids

    Caro |

  4. Awww we love camping too and we have our camping gears but its still too cold for us and we changed car. This post made me yearn to go out and camp. I wish we can camp soon! #countrykids

  5. We've just started planning our first proper camping trip! We've got a new tent as well so really excited to use it this year. I do like that your camping site had a pool, what a great way to spend a few hours.
    Lovely to hear you had a nice time, hope you can get away soon!

  6. That looks such fun and love the pool idea! I'm glad I'm not the only camper with an over packed car - I don't know how some people pack so light, everything seems so essential when I try to downsize! LOL #countrykids