Wednesday 4 February 2015

Guest Blog - Househusband for the Week!

Hi, its Phil, Kimberley's husband and Ruby and Lottie's daddy. Many of you already know that Kimberley underwent major knee surgery a couple of weeks ago and I was tasked with the responsibility of looking after my 3 girls, Ruby, Lottie and Kimberley! The hardest person to deal with this last few weeks has been the oldest one! I now know where my daughters get their stubborn and strong willed traits from ;-)


I like to think that I'm a hands on dad, and always strive to do as much as I can to help bring up our daughters; this last couple of weeks have been very different for me, as I have had to take leave from work to become the main carer and "househusband", looking after the girls whilst keeping on top of the housework.

I have learned a few things this week:

  • There is always an endless supply of pots that need to be washed whether that be dinner pots, breakfast pots or snack post. It piles up as fast as you can get it down.

  • A washing basket is always full, I cant even remember how many times I had to put the washing machine on!

  • My youngest daughter Lottie is apparently always hungry in the morning, as she seems to come up to me every other minute asking for food!

  • Getting out of the door on time is easy, well it would be if you didn't have to remember to clean the girls' teeth, brush and put up their hair and try and work out what each of them should be wearing for the day!

  • I have witnessed Lottie's dreaded playground tantrums when taking Ruby to school; Kimberley had told me about them but I never actually thought they were as bad as this. How wrong was I?
  • I knew Ruby was competitive but I had never noticed just how competitive she is when it comes to beating her younger sister at things!

  • In the space of a couple of weeks, Ruby appears to have grown up right in front of me; she is growing into a wonderful and beautiful young lady.
  • I have potty trained Lottie; I think she was just ready for it, but I am happy to take all of the credit! 
  • I have loved having the opportunity to spend more time reading stories to both my girls. 
  • I don't often get to have one to one time with each of the girls separately; I have really enjoyed having this alone time with them.

I think Kimberley has been really surprised at how well I have coped; I have loved being at home with my girls but I cant wait to return to work for a rest!


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