Tuesday 24 February 2015

Another Milestone!

Over the last few weeks Lottie has been hitting milestones at an incredibly fast pace, and whilst I'm happy and pleased for her, I also feel I am in a little bit of mourning. Lottie, being my second and last child, is my baby, I hold her very close to my heart and if I'm honest, I've tried to keep her as my baby, if you look at her I doubt you would think she is two and a half because she is dinky and has very little hair!

Getting ready to go into Preschool for the 1st Time

I recall when Ruby was a similar age to Lottie I used to encourage her to reach milestones and I was on the look out for the next milestones and eagerly awaited her to reach it. I feel completely different with Lottie; I don't look forward to her hitting milestones, I mourn when she reaches one and grieve for the time that has passed by as I know there is no going back. I don't look back on my girls life's and regret anything I look back with very fond memories that I really wish to cling onto so that I don't ever lose them.

As many readers may know I had a knee operation last month and my wonderful husband has had to take on so many roles and I am so incredibly grateful as I do not know how our girls or I would have managed without him. During the week after my operation my husband, off his own back, managed to successfully potty train Lottie, teach her to drink out of cups rather than beakers and she now only has a dummy at night. I was amazed at all my husband has achieved, it goes to show that fathers can do what us mums can do when they put their mind to it! 

This week was another big milestone for Lottie she started at the local preschool, it was a day I knew was coming but it's approached far too quickly for my liking; maybe it's because I've been so focused on my own recovery that I've lost track of time. 

I've been talking to Lottie about preschool and she's been getting more and more excited and each day this last week she's been asking if today was the day she can go to preschool. Today was that day, she walked into the preschool and without even asking she took off her coat and ran off to play! I knew Lottie was a confident child but I had hoped that she would look back and miss me a little; but from what the staff said she didn't miss me at all! 

Lottie told me she had a lovely day and that she had done a drawing, a painting, played outside, played with a doctors set, had a drink and a breadstick, and finally listened to a story and sang some songs! All of this was done in two hours, it's easy to see why she fell asleep so quickly this evening. Before she went to bed she asked if she could go to preschool tomorrow? 

It's safe to say she's settled in very easily at preschool and whilst I'm happy, I wish my baby would stay little for just a little bit longer.