Friday 5 December 2014

News Flash - Chocolate Monster on the Loose!

Well this morning whilst I was getting dressed, I came downstairs and look what I found:

A chocolate monster had decided to take pretty much all of the chocolates off the Christmas tree!

The monster then was able to unwrap the chocolates and leave a trail all over the lounge!

The trail led to the culprit ... who was caught with chocolate all over her face!

The chocolate monster was ... Lottie!

I managed to catch the whole investigation on film; it's very sweet what the chocolate monster has to say in response to what had happened.

As Lottie is so angelic she is able to get away with so much, those big blue eyes and blonde hair just melt my heart; but because of her eating all the chocolates, we now don't have any chocolates left on our Christmas tree! 

Please learn from this and do not put the chocolate is reach of your little "darlings"!

UPDATE; I have since found more chocolate wrappers stashed under the foot stool... to be continued.


  1. a chocolate monster indeed! Caught in the act! I used to put chocolate on the trees but now I know it disappears off as fast as it goes on without me ever seeing it happen!