Thursday 4 December 2014

Christmas is Coming!

I cant believe that I am sat here surrounded by Christmas decorations, this must mean christmas is just around the corner! Over the weekend we decided to put our Christmas tree up, although technical the 1st of December actually fell on Monday, it was just more practical to get it done on Sunday than try to do it on Monday with two over tired children. I do think though that the countdown to Christmas is becoming earlier and earlier as the years have gone by. What do you think? Have you already put your tree up or are you waiting? If so why?

We seem to have gone a little bit mad this year with the christmas decorations, well mad for us not compared to some peoples standards though :)

This year our main Christmas tree is in the lounge and on top of a table, we did this last year as it offers more room for presents under the tree and takes up much less room in the lounge. The tree is covered in so many different decorations, but the glass baubles and of course the chocolates are my favourite, I think there are about 60 chocolates on the tree!

In the girls playroom we normally have a slim pop up tree but because of how full the playroom is the tree is now in the dinning area of our kitchen. We only bought this tree last year and I love it because its different, its white and contains multicoloured baubles.

My husband appears to be getting into the festive spirit this year and has placed lights outside on the hebe shrub growing in the garden and even placed lights on the stairs! As a child he never had a house full of what he calls "Tacky" Christmas decorations and the tree didn't go up until very near Christmas so I think he is reliving his childhood!

Last year I purchased a lovely wooden nativity set and both Ruby and Lottie are loving playing with it. 

With regards to Christmas presents, all have been bought! yes really all of them have been bought. I try and buy them throughout the year so the financial burden isn't as great. However this comes with a problem as I always see things I like and end up buying more especially when it comes to the girls.

Well I suppose I should stop typing and start writing the christmas cards, do you send Christmas cards? I don't know why but for some reason we seem to be sending more and more each year.


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