Thursday 23 October 2014

Splashing in Puddles!

Sometimes I wonder if my daughter should have had a different name, something that suited her better; last week she would have been called Peppa Pig! Lottie is a massive Peppa Pig fan, she visited Peppa Pig world on her birthday and she has so many different items of clothing that she is now probably able to wear a Peppa Pig outfit every day for a month, yes she really does have that many. If I try and put her in an item that does not have said Pig on, Littie becomes Miss Stroppy Lottie. Most of Ruby's school mums knows of Lottie's love for Peppa and we often end up with new Peppa things their children have outgrown.

Lottie otherwise known as Peppa, loves Peppa's favourite game, jumping in muddy puddles!

I am not sure how long Lottie will love Peppa for and I will certainly be sad of the day when she no longer wants Peppa things as I love seeing her have a hobby and favourite toys. If I remember rightly from Ruby the next phase will be Disney Princesses!


  1. splashing in puddles is the best

  2. Aww! Jumping in puddles is great fun!
    She's such a cutie x