Thursday 7 August 2014

Peppa Pig World

Life seemed to have been very manic in July, Ruby completed her 1st year at school, both girls celebrated their birthdays and there was also our wedding anniversary to mark too!

I found it very difficult to find a present suitable for Lottie; having an older sister means she has everything she could possibly need from Ruby, and we certainly do not need any more toys as we have a playroom bursting at the seams. After lots of thoughts and discussions with people, we decided to visit Peppa Pig World for the day as Lottie is Peppa Pig obsessed. Whilst looking on their site they had an offer on for two days into the park for the price of one if you book a short stay. There were numerous different hotels to pick from and suit every budget, we opted for the Marttiott Meon Valley, mainly because we wanted a hotel with a little bit of luxury as we very rarely stay away. As the days drew closer we were all really excited and whilst looking at the hotel online, I noticed that they had a very good special offer to stay at the hotel on a Sunday evening with a three course meal for two people; we decided to take up this offer as it would mean we would not have to travel down in rush hour on a Monday morning. In hindsight I am so glad we did this and if you are travelling for more than a couple of hours to get to Peppa Pig World, I would recommend staying for two nights. 

We arrived at the Marriott Meon Valley and were warmly greeted by staff; we did have a slight issue with our room, but the staff were very good and arranged for us to be upgraded to a junior suite. The junior suite had a double bed and a sofa bed in the lounge which converted into a bed for Ruby and Lottie. The room was spacious and I would really recommend booking the junior suite. After placing our luggage into our room we decided to check out the swimming pool at the hotel, it was lovely and clean and was very relaxing to unwind after driving.


After swimming we then went to the restaurant for our dinner; the Marriot Meon Valley has two restaurants, one of which is more your typical pub food and the other is a la carte, we opted for the traditional pub food and were very happy with the menu, as the food suited us as a family. 

We were fortunate that soon after arriving back to our room Ruby and Lottie settled to sleep easily and didn't wake until the following morning. Breakfast time at Meon Valley is a real treat I have never seen such an amazing spread of food. There were five different types of fruit juice, patisseries, fruit bar, full English breakfast and the chef was happy to make pancakes and omelettes to order. 

We arrived at Peppa Pig World just before it opened at 10am, and there were already people queuing to enter the park. The Peppa Pig section of the park is a short walk from the main entrance and on arrival you are greeted by the all too familiar Peppa Pig theme tune, well if you didn't know it before you go you will when you leave the park as it's played all the time, much to Ruby and Lotties delight!


The rides within Peppa Pig World do get busy very quickly and we made the decision to attempt to do half of the rides on the Monday and the remaining ones on the Tuesday. It worked well for us as by the time we had done this it was lunchtime so we headed off for lunch and went around the rest of the Poultons Park, at this time the Peppa Pig World part of the site was very very busy. 

It's safe to say that on Monday evening we had two tired little girls who went to sleep very quickly and come 8am on Tuesday, I was forced to wake them up so we could eat breakfast and be ready at the park for when it opened.

Tuesday was spent much the same as Monday, the morning was spent in Peppa Pig World and the afternoon in the rest of the park in which there is still plenty to see and do. Hubbie and I even took turns and went on some of the scarier rides.

The highlight for the girls was being able to go into Peppa Pig's Muddy Puddles area. As you can see from the following photos, muddy puddles is a water play area with jets of water shooting everywhere, Ruby and Lottie absolutely loved it!!

Would I go back to Peppa Pig World? I would love to, we all had a lovely time. The cost of our holiday on total was about £350 which included all our food, two nights accommodation and two days at Peppa Pig World. We could have done it cheaper by staying in a different hotel, but I was very happy with the amount that we paid, and I hope that visiting Peppa Pig World will be a memory that they will remember for many years to come. One thing to remember though... don't forget swimming costumes and towels for drying off after muddy puddles!!