Thursday 10 July 2014

Emotional Mummy - School Memory Book

People who know me well will know that I love to record memories, and it was for that very reason that I decided to start this blog so that all the wonderful memories of my girls can be recorded and also shared with friends and family too.

Tomorrow is Ruby's last day in foundation stage and it really has been such a pleasure to witness her grow in confidence with her learning in so many different ways, from her writing to her reading.

In order to mark Ruby finishing school, I decided, after seeing something similar done by someone in America, to create a memory book in which teachers can record comments and encouragment for Ruby for her to look back on in years to come.

I decided to put pen to paper and adapted a poem which I wrote at the start of the book:

Dear Teacher,

Very grateful to you I would be,
if you would please do this favour for me,
I started this gift when Ruby was small,
and I hope it’s complete by the time she is tall.

Each teacher who helps her along the way,
I hope will autograph – that is to say –
please add a note, a picture or song,
a special memory can never be wrong.

Please have a guess as to what she will do,
when she is older and as big as you,
a teacher perhaps, well who can say?
one thing’s for certain, she will remember her school days.

Thank you for taking the time to write in this book
I appreciate the valuable time that you took.
Ruby will love to read what you had to say,
when I present it to her on a special day.

I recieved Ruby's memory book back today and I cried reading what her teachers had said, it was just so lovely to read their comments. I am so proud of Ruby!