Monday 21 April 2014

Easter Day

Easter means so much to us as a family, and it has nothing to do with the chocolate eggs that we give and receive as Easter gifts. Easter celebrates the day in which Christ was risen from the grave and overcame death. Easter is a great celebration for us as a family as we reflect on how Christ died on the cross for us and became our advocate in heaven. I am not going to go deep into a religious blog post as I know for many of you, religion is not something they want to hear about.

We started off Easter morning by all having breakfast and lots of cuddles in bed. Even just reflecting on the morning brings a smile to my face as I feel so incredibly blessed to have two amazing daughters and a loving husband.

We then had to quickly get ready for church (this is something we do every week). Upon arrival at church we were quite taken a back by how many people had turned up compared to a normal Sunday, it was so nice to see so many new and unfamiliar faces. During the service we sang various hymns whilst Ruby made tissue paper flowers to be placed onto a wooden cross. Lottie on the other hand played in the children's corner with her daddy and me.

After the service, the church had organised an Easter egg hunt around the church yard - fortunately the weather remained good and one of the youth took Ruby around on the hunt whilst Phil and I went and had cake and coffee in the church hall.

After arriving home it was time for our very own Easter egg hunt; last year I had bought some plastic egg shells that can be opened and filled with random bits or chocolate, I tried to be as creative as I could when hiding the 18 eggs in the garden, but it wasn't long until Ruby and Lottie had found them all - any tips for next year would be most appreciated as I obviously didn't hide them well enough.

We managed to get some really good shots of the girls having fun on their egg hunt.

I hope everyone had a very enjoyable Easter however you celebrated.