Thursday, 23 July 2015

July Madness - Part 1

For anyone that knows us as a family,or reads the blog regularly, you may recall that July is an incredibly busy month for us. We celebrate both Ruby and Lottie's birthday, as well as our wedding anniversary.

Last week was Lotties 3rd birthday, 3! how did that happen? I seem to have missed a year as the time just goes by so very quickly. For anyone with little ones cherish the early years as it goes too quickly and you won't ever get it back. 

Lottie is very different to Ruby and knows exactly what she likes and dislikes; she has a tough and strong willed personality when it comes to doing things. Lottie adores Peppa Pig, In fact I would go as far as saying she is addicted! Every item of clothing she wants to wear each day has to have Peppa on it, she always wants to play with her Peppa toys, she is just Peppa obsessed!

So what do you buy Lottie for her 3rd birthday when she has everything as a hand me down from her big sister Ruby? 

There was only one thing I could get Lottie for her birthday and that was to go away for a couple of days to Peppa Pig World! We went last year for her birthday but I don't think she was quite old enough to enjoy it; this year was completely different and she loved each and every single minute of it as you can see from the photos.

Well that's one birthday down, just the wedding anniversary on the 26th of July, shortly followed by Ruby's 6th birthday and then mid August its hubbies 30th birthday! July is definitely a great month of celebrations in our house! 


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