Tuesday 3 March 2015

Coming Soon: The Little Bakers Club!

A few weeks ago my husband and I were sat watching a TV program about how much money an average family of four spends on their weekly food shop, and I was absolutely horrified at how much some people spend; one family spent in excess of £300 in just one week! That's more than what we spend in an average month! I try to keep our food costs down as much as we can as we don't have a huge amount of money, and I also hate waste; we very rarely put anything in the bin, unlike the family on TV who were frequently wasting large amounts of food.

One thing that really stood out for me whilst watching the program was how much cheaper it is to do a food shop when meal planning and cooking from scratch. I am very fortunate that I am organised by nature and do like to meal plan, but we do end up eating the same food each week and it does become a little boring at times. I have been very lucky that my local BBC radio station aired a three hour cookery program a couple of years ago which I participated in; I was taught how to cook some lovely meals, so I do have some basic cookery skills, its just the confidence that I lack, however spurred on by the TV program I am determined to get back into cooking from scratch. The thing that gave me the most encouragement during the TV program was when they showed how much sugar went into a jar of a well known brand of bolognese sauce, I was horrified! It made me feel really sick that I had been feeding my family so much sugar and rubbish.

I hope that the blog will hold me to account when cooking, and give me the encouragement and motivation to help myself cook healthier but also encourage others to do the same, this is where I need your help; if you have a recipe that you and/or your children have cooked and loved let me know, I would love to build up some great recipes that we can all use.

I hope that through sharing easy and healthy recipes we can all help each other to eat that little bit better and encourage our children to be involved too, so what do you say? Are you ready for The Little Bakers Club?

I will be releasing a badge and starting a linky over the next weeks, so watch this space!

In the meantime, feel free to leave you recipes in the comments below.